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Sri Palash Gayen

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The establishment of the Sanskrit Department dates back to the year 1937 which is also the date of establishment of the college. The governing body of the college prayed for official affiliation of the subject in the year 1959. Sanskrit as an honours subject and pass subject as well as got affiliation in the year 1962. From inception till the date of official affiliation the subject was taught by some dedicated teachers on a very nominal pay. Professor Gnanendra Chandra Dutta was the only full-time teacher in the department of Sanskrit since the inception of the college. In the year 1959, Dr. Suresh Mohan Bhattacharya joined the college as a full time teacher of the department. In the year 1959, four full time posts for the subject where sanctioned subsequently. At present the department has four full time posts.

The department of Sanskrit aims to provide students with a conceptual foundation in the discipline and its various sub-disciplines. The CBCS system under the university of Calcutta has been formulated so as to introduce the various aspects of the discipline to young minds helping them to critically analyse the same.


Highlights of the Department

Our motto is to make the classroom teaching interesting. With this view in mind, we develop an interactive environment in the classroom where every student gets the opportunity to express themselves. Going beyond talk and chalk method sometimes we invite options from the students from a certain topic. It builds up their ability to speak on something extempore. We try to make our students aware of the outcomes of the latest researches and publications on topics related to their syllabus. We always keep track of the slow learners and arrange extra remedial classes for them. The students are encouraged to undertake different project work also.


Teaching Techniques

• We carry out two healthy teaching methods namely teacher exchange and student exchange programs.

• We invite renowned teachers of other institutions for delivering special lecturers.

•We organise spoken Sanskrit classes.

•The utilisation of technology is very necessary and hence the students have access to the departmental laptops while presenting presentations.

•We teach students through power point presentations in the projector setup. However in the pandemic situation  the students are educated through video call classes and sufficient study materials are provided in PDF format through social media applications.

•In light of the COVID-19 situation the Department has been conducting online classes since first week of april 2020. Online classes have been carried out through applications such as Google Meet, Zoom, G Suite etc. and notes were provided through Whatsapp or any other  communication sources.

Some Eminent Features of the Department

•The Department of Sanskrit always maintains a democratic and healthy environment in the Department. Regular Department meetings are held to discuss different academic issues. Department teachers sit together and exchange views with regard to work-load distribution, preparation of unitized module, Departmental result etc.

•In order to break the monotony of day-to-day study we arrange a day’s outing to any entertainment park or any place of academic interest.

•Departmental parent-teacher meetings are held regularly to update the parents about their ward’s progress. Besides academic performance we make the parents aware about their ward’s irregular attendance if any.

•The Department of Sanskrit has a Wall Magazine and the students also make projects in various topics.

•Our Department subscribes to the journal of ‘Sanskrit Sahitya Parishads’ for the benefit of the students and teachers.

Names of Previous Teachers

1. Dr. Suresh Mohan  Bhattacharya(M.A, PhD)-1959-1979

2. Prof. Gnanendra Chandra Dutta(M.A)-1937-1978, Vice Principal of this college for a long time.

3. Prof. Sita Roy Chowdhury(M.A)-1962-1976

4. Prof. Roma Bose(M.A)-1959-1997

5. Prof. Bandana Chatterjee(M.A)-1978-1984

6. Prof. Kajal Rekha Sinha(M.A)-1967-2005

7. Dr. Rita Chattopadhyay(M.A, PhD)-1980-1995

8. Dr. Nibha Banerjee(M.A, PhD)-1997-2003

9. Dr. Meenakshi Roy(M.A, PhD)-1984-2009

10. Dr. Anjana Malik(M.A, PhD)-2003-2017

11. Mr. Ajit Paul(M.A)-2011-2017

Best Practices

Teaching Learning


Capacity Building

and Students' Initiatives

•The Department of Sanskrit has aspired to prepare students by focusing on their overall development. The students are advised to participate in different cocurricular activities provided by the college and also outside the institution.

•The students also participate in sports, cultural programmes, social work , NSS, seminars etc.

•After implementation of CBCS in the year 2018, the students are performing very well and giving out best results in Sanskrit Department.

• Even though Devnagri script was compulsory in CBCS, the students found it difficult to understand and write but at the end of the day the students managed to get past the difficulties.

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Facilities offered to the Students

•The department of Sanskrit has its own seminar library. We are lenient in borrowing and lending books. We try to help our students with necessary books from our personal collection also.

•Extra classes are arranged after the test/internal/tutorial examinations are organised for their benefit.

•Students are counseled academically and psychologically as and when needed.

•Students are often supplied with reference materials for answering critical questions.


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