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Dept. of Food & Nutrition was established in the year 2006. At first a general course was introduced and the Hons. Course was started in the year 2008. Since its inception it has concentrated on vital issues in nutrition, health and food science, through its academics and trainings. The Department is constantly working to provide quality education for developing skilled professionals in the fields of Food and Nutrition, with focus on Public Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition, Food Science, Food Processing, Food Safety and Quality.

Online Learning

During the present pandemic situation, we are keeping our teaching process undisrupted through online mode. We are providing our students with soft copies of study materials, PPT, YouTube videos, audio and video clippings of the lectures of our departmental faculties on different topics of the curriculum. We are also trying to conduct some face to face interactive sessions with our students. The students are being provided withall the information regarding different webinars, quizzes, essay writing competitions, cooking contests etc, organised by different colleges and universities. Online activities on different occasions like World Food Safety Day by the students have been conducted in this lockdown period.


The academic programmes are aimed at preparing students to fulfil various roles such as Nutritionist/Medical Nutrition Therapist/Food Scientist/Entrepreneur/Researcher in the various professional arenas. The programmes prepare the students through theory, practical work and internship to understand, integrate and apply the knowledge gained in different settings. Experts/professional from relevant fields are involved in teaching. There is emphasis on independent study, seminars, practicalsand project work. Students are trained for presentations, seminars and scientific writing.


To strive for academic excellence through strengthening skills and capacities of faculty and students for teaching/ training and community service.

To empower women to participate actively at national and international levels and contribute to the food and nutrition security, health of the citizens and to improve well-being and quality of life.

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Food and Nutrition department celebrates World Food Safety Day online during pandemic


National Nutrition Week is celebrated in the first week of September every year. Students organise quizzes, cooking contests, poster presentation, health check-ups for celebrating this event.

Students also participate in many social initiatives for the underprivileged children. They measure the anthropometric parameters and record the clinical findings to assess the nutritional status of the children. Our students also provide some home-made nutritional supplements to these children.




Every year there is an annual intake of about 50-70 students in U.G. course. The students of this dept. are very enthusiastic and hardworking.Many of the students have made the department proud in their commendable achievements in various fields of life.Many of our students have been placed in various industries, reputed national institutions, hospitals, fitness centres, voluntary and government organizations. It is academically and culturally a rich Dept.The students have won many awards and accolades in intercollege quiz contests and competitions on community awareness.


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The excellent academic programme of the department is enriched by the laboratory experience, as well as community outreach activities, supported by easy access to a department library and other necessary facilities. The courses laid out by the University have been tuned and enhanced to meet the emerging needs and challenges in the area of Food and Nutrition. This has been achieved through not only course work but with emphasis given to research, community work focusing on capacity building of underprivileged section of the population, seminars, internship/training in hospitals and educational tours to different food industries.


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