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Ujjal Kumar Das

Assistant Professor

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Lupa Ghosh

State Aided College Teacher

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Madhura Basu

State Aided College Teacher

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Poulami Chakraborty

State Aided College Teacher

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Sulagna Ghosh

State Aided College Teacher

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The Department of sociology of Women’s college, Calcutta is relatively new one   which was established in the year 2006 under the University of Calcutta. We offer courses to Under-Graduate students (Honours and General) Under 1+1+1 system and also provides semester system under CBCS.It is being managed by one Assistant Professor (substantive), Sri Ujjal Kumar Das and four State Aided College Teachers , namely,Lupa Ghosh ,Sulagna Ghosh,Poulomi Chakraborty  and Madhura Basu.  The students graduating from this department have been performing extremely well over the years. Almost all of them enrolled themselves for higher studies in various university programmes. Many of them have secured prestigious jobs in different positions, both in academic and non-academic fields. As the subject Sociology is dynamic in nature, students are able to learn and gain experience both inside and outside the class. They are also able to gain awareness about the current developments of the society through such exposure, which in turn helps them in their Dissertation work involving various socio-economic issues as part of their curriculum. The students also get to learn how to take interviews and build rapport and network with people from various fields. They participate in seminars and workshops and also in various extracurricular activities like debates, quiz, sports and other cultural events. Most of the students are also actively associated with the National Service Scheme (NSS) as volunteers. The teacher-student relationship at the Department of Sociology is very friendly as the teachers bestow every possible support to the students to help them cope with the challenges in their daily lives. Moreover, the slow learners of the department are identified based on the class performance and provided special assistance outside the classroom. Guardians are regularly informed of their wards through Parent-Teacher meetings.

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B. A. (Honors) in Sociology

B. A. (General) in Sociology

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The distinctiveness of sociology as academic discipline demands its own teaching-learning methods to understand society in a specific, and systematic way. Therefore, we both students and teachers of this department trying to understand social reality through holistic perception which enabled us to create responsible critical citizens of our society. Here we have adopted various teaching-learning methods like- open discussion, lecture method, question-answer session, group discussion method and also inductive -deductive method for conceptualization and makes more conscious about the reality or phenomenon of society. Here the students of sociology department enjoy their liberal thinking which is more important for making creative minds to enjoy life as holistic way.

The department also provides online learning facility through various online interactive platforms.


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