Women's College, Calcutta

NAAC accredited with 'B++'

P-29, Kshirode Vidyavinode Avenue,Kolkata - 700003

Vision and Mission

“Vidya Bindate Amritam”: the essence of education spreads like fire and immortalises the soul of man; the College believes in attaining academic excellence and enriching the cultural acumen of its students.

  • Situated in the extreme northern part of the city, the college caters to the students who come from both urban and suburban locations.
  • The vision of the college is to spread higher education among women of all strata of society—the economically backward, in particular. In many cases the students are the first generation women learners coming to higher education. Thereby, we believe that we are able to spread the benefits of higher education to a large cross-section of the society.
  • The college aims at empowering women to become independent, self-reliant, confident and enlightened, so that they could emerge as women of substance, able to create their own niche in the contemporary world.
  • We also try to inculcate values of altruism in our students. We consider community service as a part of our curriculum. The students are encouraged to participate in NSS and also work for Srijan, the Centre for Community Welfare run by the college.
  • The college also encourages its students to participate in various intra- and intercultural activities which enable them to realise their potential and contribute to the society.
  • The college plans to introduce new PG and career-oriented courses, improve the academic performance of the students, and motivate them to pursue Research.