Common Room

The college has a spacious common room with recreational and indoor games facilities.

  • The college has a spacious, airy and comfortable common room for the students.
  • Its purpose is to create an environment for healthy recreation and promote social interaction among the students.
  • This space has been designed to give students a place to relax, study, and have informal discussions in their leisure time.
  • Some indoor games are also provided for the students to stimulate their minds.
  • Carom and table-tennis board are available for recreation.
  • The students’ union have their own CD and DVD players which can be used by them whenever required.
  • Daily newspapers and journals are provided in the common room for the use of the students.
  • The common room has display boards where the students can display notices as well as publish wall magazines so that they can express their thoughts in various forms like drawing, painting, poems, stories etc.
  • In addition, our college believes that exercise is of vital importance for enhancing physical as well as mental performance. Therefore, some fitness equipments have been installed in the common room for cardio exercises, strength training and to increase the physical ability of the students.