Women's College, Calcutta

NAAC accredited with 'B++'

P-29, Kshirode Vidyavinode Avenue,Kolkata - 700003

Rules & Regulations

  1. Students are required to maintain regular attendance as per Calcutta University regulations:
    1. Attendance of 75% and above for collegiate students.
    2. Attendance of 60% and above but less than 75% for non -collegiate students (With fine).
    3. Attendance below 60% - not eligible to be sent up or promoted. Severe action will be taken against candidates having very poor percentage.
  2. Students should not be absent for more than 10 days without valid reasons.
  3. Appearing for Mid-term tests and College tests is mandatory for all students of 1st, 2nd & 3rd year as per C.U. Regulation. Candidates not appearing in either of the above exams will not be sent up for finals even on submission of medical certificates.
  4. Students must secure at least 35% marks in Hons. & 30% marks in general subjects in the Mid-term & college tests, otherwise they will not be sent up for the final examinations of 1+1+1 system.
  5. Students failing in three or more subjects will not be allowed to appear in the final university exams.
  6. Students must carry Identity Cards during college h ours inside the college. A student must produce Identity Card as and when demanded. It should be carefully preserved. In case of loss of Identity Card, a duplicate can be obtained only on permission by the Principal andsss on payment of a fine of Rs. 20/-.
  7. Any change in combination for elective subjects with the approval of the Principal must be done within the stipulated time given by C.U.
  8. Impersonation at roll call is an offence. The principal has authority to impose fines or other appropriate punishment and in extreme cases may suspend or expel an offender.
  9. Students are required to see the Notice Board for any important notice before they leave the college everyday.
  10. Students are expected to be formally dressed for classes.